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Giant Split Elk Antler Chew


No dog can resist this mouthwatering split elk antler chew. Giant Split Elk Antler is selected from the main beam of elk antler and split it to expose the marrow inside. This is ideal for dog prefers a softer chew to skip the tough outside and get right into the marrow where dog finds it to be the most delicious.

Product is recommended for:
 60 lb or larger dogs
 Gentle chewers

Product Dimensions:

 Length: 6 to 8 inches; Perimeter (Girth): 3.5 inches or more

  • Hardened antlers, from the deer family, are excellent chews for your pet. They’re composed of a bone-like material which regenerates each year, known as “branching out”, before naturally shed.

    Our chews are rich in calcium, phosphorus and protein (always good for dogs bone and teeth). Unlike other dog chews available in the market, it is a low calorie chew and has no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. The products are proven to last long longer than most (if not all) non-antler chews available on the market.

    We have conducted multiple nutrition tests, which allows us to proudly put the nutrition results below in our label.

    Ingredient: 100% natural antler

    See our complete nutrition report here.

    The product is splinter-free so it won’t hurt your dog’s jaw. It’s one of the best natural teeth cleaning chews available. It’s also odorless so you can comfortably give it to your dog in the living room, never any grease or mess so it won’t destroy your fine white carpet! It’s no surprise antler chew always ranks high among best dog foods in dog food reviews.

    Our Promise

    When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed that:

    Each and every antler product we offer is safe and naturally shed which means no harm was caused, ever, to the animal it comes from. Collection of the product is maintained exclusively in the United States.

    Each antler is specially cut, sanded and sanitized with safe, FDA-approved Ozone (O3) sanitization methods. Our products are sealed immediately after sanitization. See our sanitization report.

    Our products are natural and full of nutrition. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives used in our products.

  • Different dogs chew for different reasons. Young dogs chew to relieve pain caused by incoming teeth. Older dogs chew to maintain strong jaw muscles, clean their teeth, and to relieve boredom and mild anxieties. So why not trust something clean, natural, preservative-free, and chalk full of nutrition?

  • For the best experience, please remove the antler cut from your pet’s mouth before it becomes:

    Small enough to swallow -- or

    Too hard to chew (this will prevent hurting your dog’s teeth).

  • Because our antler chews are all-natural and unique, the final product will vary, accordingly, in size, shape, weight, density, and hue of color.

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