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Interested in Becoming a Deluxe Naturals Sales or Wholesaler?

Are you are a veterinary professional? A dog trainer? A pet boutiques owner? A grooming store manager? Or an independent sale person in the pet food industry? If so you are in the right place! We offer wholesale pricing and high commission for our entire line of healthy antler dog chew products.
Ready to become our partner? Great! Just follow these three simple steps:

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Why Add Antler Chews to Your Product Line?

With the following characteristics, you don’t need to sell our antler dog chews, dog owners just simply want it!

Teeth cleaning

Long lasting



Not messy, non staining,

Won't break up or splinter

Rich in natural calcium, phosphorus and protein

Low calories

NO preservatives, growth hormones, animal harmed

Why Deluxe Naturals?

We are not another supplier! When you choose Deluxe Naturals, you are guaranteed that:

Each antler is sanitized by using safe, FDA-approved Ozone (O3) sanitization methods and sealed immediately after sanitization.

With full documented nutrition analysis and sanitization tests

Premium quality of high grade antlers

Attractive packaging design

All our antlers are natural collected in the United States

Each and every antler products we offer is naturally shed and that NO animals were harmed