Deluxe Naturals

Video & Photo Upload Terms & Conditions

All people filmed or photographed by you must have given permission. Any children under the age of 18 require written parental consent. It is your responsibility to ensure this is adhered to.

You are responsible for obtaining all the relevant permissions and licenses. i.e. Copyright and non copyright music used, permission to film or photograph at a location. No privacy laws or laws and rules broken while producing the footage.

You agree to recordings and or broadcasting, and or live relay of the contribution and hereby grant to us all consents necessary to enable us to make the fullest use of the contribution throughout the universe in perpetuity by any and all means in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter developed or discovered, without liability (save as specifically hereinafter provided) or acknowledgement to you. You grant us the right to issue publicity concerning the contribution and any program in which it may be included and for such purpose to use and reproduce your dog’s name and photograph and recordings and/or copies of any description of the contribution.

The finished video or photo will, (subject to content) be uploaded on to Deluxe Naturals’ websites, Youtube channel and social networking presents such as Facebook and Twitter. In recognition of the needs of film and television production, we shall be entitled to edit, copy, add to, take from, adapt or translate the contribution as we see fit and, in respect of the contribution, you irrevocably waive the benefits of and agree any provision of law known as "moral rights" or any similar laws of any jurisdiction. You warrant and undertake to us that (a) you are fully entitled to give the contribution to us, (b) that nothing in the contribution (whether by way of infection or gesture or otherwise) will infringe the copyright or any other right of any person, breach any contract or duty of confidence, constitute a contempt of court, be defamatory or be calculated to bring any broadcaster into disrepute and (c) that all facts expressed by you in the contribution are, to the best of your knowledge and belief, true and insofar as the contribution contains any opinions, these opinions are your own and are genuinely and truly held by you.

You agree to indemnify us against all and any costs, claims, expenses and liabilities, (including without limitation, legal fees and any sums paid on the advice of Counsel) resulting from breach by you or any of the agreements, warranties and/or undertakings on your part contained in this agreement.

This agreement may be freely assigned or licensed by us. This agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the US Law. I have read, understand and agree with every provision of this contract, and by uploading the video hereby certify that I accept and agree to abide by them and that I am competent and legally qualified to enter in to such a contract.