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100% of our antler chews are collected in United States and we only select the top of line brown grade antlers. All of our antler chews are completely natural. You can rest assured they come from wild animals that are never given any steroids, unnecessary antibiotics, or other harmful growth-promoting chemicals.

Ideal Calcium Absorption Ratio in Antler Chew

We proudly sent our antler chews to FDA recommend lab facility for nutrition testes. The result was impressive, showing our antlers are high in Calcium (around 18%), Phosphorous (around 10%) and Crude Protein (around 38%), and low in Crude Fat (less than 2%) and  Calories. It has an ideal calcium absorption range for dogs of 1.85 (calcium: phosphorous ratio).

We have conducted multiple nutrition testes, which allows us to proudly put the nutrition results below in our label

Ingredient: 100% natural antler

You can see the complete nutrition report here

Here is a list of what you WON’T find in our antler chew products:

NO preservatives

NO growth hormones

NO animal byproducts

NO additives

NO artificial coloring

NO flavor enhancers

When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed the following:

  Each and every antler products we offer is naturally shed and that NO animals were harmed.

  Each antler is sanitized by using safe, FDA-approved Ozone (O3) sanitization methods and sealed immediately after sanitization. Learn more about Cuts and Sizes & Sanitization Process and Packaging.

  There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives used with our products.

You don't need to be a pro to tell the different!

Unlike some online retailers and various large, pet store chains, a lower grade of antler chews are offered in their product line. The danger is obvious to us. Dogs can choke with antler splinters. All our antlers are top grades which retain most of the aroma, nutrition and will never splinter.

We inspect EACH antler to ensure high grade antler which will create a satisfying product for our customer. More importantly, EACH antler is sanitized and sealed immediately after sanitization to minimize any bacteria exposure.