Deluxe Naturals

Antler Vs Other Chews

Antler Chew
Bully Stick
Pig Ears & Pig Skin
Vegetable Chew
What is it?
Unique to the deer family and are composed of a bone-like material which regenerates each year and branches out.

Bully sticks are penises of bulls that have been rinsed and dried.

Rawhide makes from layer of skin that comes from cattle.

Make from dried pig ear or skin.

Make from various kind of vegetables

Nutritions (approx. figures, nutrition facts vary in manufactures)
- calcium
- phosphorous
- Protein
- magnesium
- potassium
- manganese
- zinc and
- iron


- 80-85% protein

- 10-12% fiber and moisture

- 1-2% fat


- 80-85% protein

-10-12% fiber and moisture

- 2-5% fat


-55-60% protein

-11-13% fiber and moisture

-24-27% fat

Depends on the vegetable uses:

- usually high in fiber

- low in fat

- higher in sugar

5 Calories

Approx. 29 calories per inch of bully stick

Approx. 50 calories per 12 inches long rawhide

Approx. 230 calorie

Usually low in calories (easy chew, calories can add up when dog consume too much and too fast)

Very tasty (the marrow inside has a strong aroma, attractive to dogs)

Very tasty (strong odor from pennies of bulls, attractive to dogs)

Less tasteful when compare with antler and bully stick

Very tasty


Food Allergy Concern?
All natural:
- no preservatives
- no growth hormones
- no animal byproducts
- no additives
- no artificial coloring
- no flavor enhancers

Made from pennis of bulls. Dog has allergy to beef should avoid this treat.

Made from various cattle. Dog with food allergy should be careful of the selection.

Made from pigs. Dog with food allergy should be careful of the selection.


- suitable for most dog except package with wheat or dairy ingredients.

Strong Odor (To Us)?
No odor (TO US!)
Smell delicious to your dog

Strong odor (TO US!)

No odor (TO US!); 

artificial flavor added

Strong odor (TO US!)

No odor (TO US!)

Messy to Clean Up?
Not messy, non staining, won't break up or splinter

Non staining

Staining (some manufacture claim little staining)


Non staining (if no artificial color added)

Last for weeks

Approx.30 minutes per stick

Approx.30-40 minutes to consume a piece.

Minutes or more to consume a piece.

Only minutes to consume a piece.Calories can add up when dog consume too much and too fast.

Cost Effectiveness (Depends on the dog's chewing behavior, the actual cost may vary)
$2.5 per week 
(price based on medium whole antler over average of 4 weeks chewing time.)

$10 per week (price based on a dog consumes an average bag of 3 7-inches sticks)

$8 per week (price based on a dog consumes 2 6-inches rawhide)

$5 per week (price based on a dog consumes 4 pieces of dog ears)

$7.5 per week (price based on a dog consumes a 8-oz pack)