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Ten indoor and outdoor games to play with your dog

Posted on December 02, 2013 by Deluxe Naturals

It is too important to make your dog civilized. As everyone knows those dogs have enormous energy and they were once wild, so they need to release that energy. You can get two way benefits by playing with your dogs. The biggest benefit is that you can release your pets’ energy by playing with him. So what should be done, if you really want to make your pet happy then in case you must play with him/her and spend time with him? This will not only make him happy but also will give solace to your heart. When your pet is fit and fine then most of the times, he can spoil your bed or even make the room untidy by scattering the things on your ground. You can do it by playing 10 games with your little puppy or Dog, you must consider the age of the pup before you choose a play and the playing objects should be decided accordingly.

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How to pick Halloween costume for your dogs?

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Deluxe Naturals

Choose wisely act smartly:

Every Halloween, you plan some new and exciting for yourself as well as your pet. If you are a dog lover then it would be certainly true that you must be looking for  such costume, which will make the appearance of your cute dog attractive and eye catchy. At every nook and corner you can see discount corners and designer brands, selling dog clothing. So it would not be tough to find out the best for your pet.  Even online stores are also available at a click. You can buy costlier as well as cheaper dog costumes, according to the suitability of your pocket.

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